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Listed here you will find currently open positions. In addition to these, further openings frequently arise. Master thesis projects can range from strongly experimental biased to methodological development of algorithmic approaches, depending on your preferences and background.

Please contact Christoph Garbe to find out more.

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PhD Positions

Currently no openings.

Master Thesis Projects

Model Based Image Processing in Satellite Remote Sensing

Neuartige Verfahren der modellbasierten Bildfolgenanalyse sollen entwickelt und auf GOME-2 Daten angewendet werden. Ziel ist es, den Transport von klimarelevanten Spurenstoffen zu ermitteln und Quellen und Senken zu quantifizieren. Diese interdisziplinäre Arbeit wird in enger Kooperation zwischen dem IWR und dem IUP durchgeführt.

Strukturanalyse von polaren und alpinen Eisbohrkernen mittels digitaler Bildverarbeitung

Eiskernstudien bieten eine der erfolgreichsten Methoden in der modernen Klimaforschung, wobei auch die mit der Tiefe sich ändernden physikalischen Eigenschaften des Gletschereises eine zentrale Rolle spielen. Zum Beispiel sind Größe, Wachstum und Orientierung der Eiskristalle zum Verständnis der Gletscherdynamik als auch des Einbaus atmosphärischer Spurenstoffe unerlässlich.

Development of a Motion Estimation and Segmentation Framework

Motion estimation from sequences of images is a hot topic in signal processing with challenges ranging from classical image processing to the fundamentals of machine learning. While research has recently focused on global optimization techniques, the full potential of approaches that estimate optical flow independently for pixel neighborhoods has not yet been fully exploited. ...

Motion and Brightness Variation Models in Optical Flow Estimation

Motion estimation is one of the most fundamental research topics in Computer Vision and is applied as first step in almost all applications that involve image sequences or other time series that produce vast amounts of data. In such algorithms, two types of models are used - one type defining how the brightness of objects vary through time, the other type describing how neighboring flow vectors realte to each other. ...

Pyramids and The State of the Art in Motion Estimation

Some extremely accurate optical flow algorithms have recently been proposed in literature. Unfortunately, it remains unclear which of the several introduced extensions to the previously known methods led to the dramatic increase of quality. Therefore, in this thesis the effects of different aspects of the new algorithms are to be studied. ...

New Ground Truth for Motion Estimation

Up to now, so-called optical flow algorithms have not been tested thoroughly enough on relevant real-world data. The reason lies in the fact that it can be extremely costly and time-consuming to create such data with real physical setups. To alleviate the problem several synthetic sequences have been proposed in literature. Unfortunately, there are still too few of such sequences and they do not cover all important situations in which motion estimation can become difficult...


Student Opportunities: Miniforschung


We offer the possibility to do small projects (Miniforschungsprojekte, Softwarepraktika, Projektpraktika, ...) in the fields of computer vision, image processing and the analysis of industrial or biomedical data.


Assistant Researcher (HIWI)

We are currently looking for an assistant researcher (HiWi) who likes to be involved in satellite remote sensing and has knowledge in programming C++.

Also, we have an open position for an assistant researcher (HiWi) for performing microsftructure analysis of Antarctic ice coares. Detailed information can be found here.




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